Merros is a bustling, large city in the Northeastern corner of Aglarond. Long known for its magic, the city is ruled by a triumvirate of Wizards, simply called The Three by the local populous. They are the ones in charge of the governance and protection of the city, having authority over the City Watch along with their own private force of wizards, called The Brazen. The Triumvirate are elected by vote of the members of the various Wizard Guilds of the city. As such, any person not in a Guild gets no vote. The Three hold their positions for life, or until resignation.

Places of note:

The City Watch Headquarters- Located in the southern part of the city, this is where the City Watch gathers, though they have several other locations throughout the city. This is also where people are taken if they are arrested or detained by the City Watch.

The Belching Ogre- The most prominent tavern/inn in the city. Located in the very center of the city. Frequented by travelers, and by far the best kept Inn in all of Merros

The Tower of The Three- A large tower in the Northern part of the city, right next to the wall. A single tower that splits into four towards the top, one main tower and three equidistant, smaller towers. The main tower houses the meeting chambers of The Three, and is where they conduct all of their formal business. The three surrounding towers are the living quarters for each of The Three. This is also the main base for The Brazen, and has it’s own dungeon.


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